2.1 and 2.3 premise, character and narrative development


3 teenagers go missing while on a camping trip in their local forest. They turn up 2 days later on a small island off the coast of Ireland.

The teenagers after being rescued from the island have developed acute extra sensory perceptions. On discovery of this they are taken by the military for further medical tests. During this time they again mysteriously disappear during a stop over.  As a nationwide search for the children begins, communication from the children leaks out online where they predict that all children have the ability to evolve their psychic abilities through embracing their creative talents and coming together in harmony to create a better world.


Is that to create a better world to live in begins with embracing the  creative force inside each child and then putting action behind it to make positive changes to the way you live. That is the magical key to increasing the powers of ESP and changing the world.

Each different media platform will dictate the players engagement, participation and reactions.


Creative harmony


science fiction

High Concept

One story told over various media platforms which encourage live events aimed for enjoyment and education.


3  teenage friends who live in the same area of  Nootka Sound, Vancouver Island, they came together through attending the same school and growing up together. The main thing that has brought these teenagers together has been their love for Luna the orphaned whale that resided in the waters close to their home and their love of astromony. They clubbed together and bought a really good telescope off ebay which they love to use on their frequent weekend camping trips in the mountains close to their home

Robin is a 16yrs old,female, main interests are cooking music photography all things old (especially vintage clothing) and bears. Spends her time mostly on the telephone or online downloading music or chatting with friends. Has an interest in astromomy, loves to stargaze.. Robin hopes to go to the city to university and study astro physics where she can explore time travel, black holes and white dwarves among people who are as passionate about them as she is. Her favourite tv shows are anything to do with science fiction or cooking.

Eric is a 17 yrs old, male, interested in anything artistic, enjoys electronics. Health can be poor at times as he suffers from asthma and is partially deaf. Eric also has a keen interest in anything paranormal, he’s had visions since he was a small child and can see into the future (or so he says!). He has a gift  curing sick  animals and is known as the local horse whisperer. He would like to work with animals when he leaves school.

Koski is a  17 yrs old teenager. He is the youngest son of  chief Macquinna of the  Mowachaht/Muchalaht tribe who live on pencha island in  Nootka Sound, off the west coast of Vancouver Island in Canada. Koski’s hobbies are kayaking, hunting, fishing, woodcarving and is nicknamed by his tribe “Sky watcher” because of his hobby of  tracking sattellites and searching for ufo’s.. His main interests lie in wildlife preservation, he volunteers as a wildlife protectee in the reservation where he lives and helps his uncle who runs a wildlife sports schools in Nootka Sound for children aged 5-18 yrs. Koski took part in the ‘tug of whale” between research scientists in a protective stewardship for the infamous orphaned orca named Luna.  …http://www.mountainsidefilms.com/

Town they landed in

Inishtrahull island, is Donegal’s most northerly off-shore island, lying about five miles north of Malin Head at the tip of the Inishowen Peninsula.


The story

the 3 teenagers are rescued and taken to Letterkenny hospital. They are suffering from mild hypothermia and wind exposure, but more importantly  they seem to have been contaminated by radio activity. While in the hospital doctors and nursed discover that the teenagers seems to have developed very unusual extra sensory capabilities (mind reading, lifting objects without having to touch them and speaking as if they have already looked into the future and can predict it’s outcome. The doctors perform MRI scans on their brains, as a medical investigation into the situation.

The results of these test show an outstandingly high amount of  unusual brain activitiy.

Meanwhile the teenagers parents are informed of their safety and the relevant government bodies notified of the outcome of the teenagers. They are visited then by government scientists , who have turned up to interview the children in relevance to their exposure to radio activity and their unusual brain wave activity.

These scientist then insist that teenagers are taken from the hospital to a military compound in a unknown location. The teenagers do not want this, neither do their parents, but arrangements are made anyway to transport the teenagers there.

During the  transportation of the children to the military compound. The children ask to stop over somewhere to make a toilet break. During this incident the children somehow mysteriously disappear while actually inside the cafe toilets.  A nationwide hunt then begins to locate the children.

Part 2

It is not revealed exactly how the teenagers escaped, only that they are in the hands or an organization known as The Karma Police. Who are/ is this mysterious organization?

we never really know. Perhaps the teenagers themselves!

On the run from government officials, the teenager get sick and sicker, this is a result of their exposure to radioactivity.  They need help and a solution .  Eventually they meet up with an old man who is able yo help them get better. During this time the teenagers realise that they have the ability to time travel in within the real time zone and by jumping  (via invisible portals which they are able to see) they can move very quickly from place to place and country to country.  They begin to hear unusual sounds, their bodies while they are sick begin to phase in and out a bit like a bad television channel and they are starting to look rather holographic. Dreams of the old man and events in  real time let them  know that they have been set a task which can change the future of the world as we all know it.  They discover a conspiracy plot by all world governments which involves the opening of a stargate portal off the Gulf of Aden in Yemen.  The energy which will come through it will disable all military action in the world where armies can no longer fight..(their war hardware will seize to work!)…The energy coming through will also increase the psychic abilities of todays generation of youth and all others being born behind them.  This is very bad news for the governments in control of the world and so they are trying to stop it happening.  There is only one way to open the portal…and that is by the efforts of the younger generation to come together  creatively and in harmony and focus on the portal opening.  This collective energy allows the stargate to open.

The kids following the direction of the old man are in search of a key….when they find the key, in a mountain in Japan then they can begin to activate the energy needed and the stargate opens.   By the time the trans media narrative gets to this point then the Digital Youth Website is launched.

 Ideas i will connect up to create my story

My intention is to create an ARG which will encourage the teenagers to become more environmentally conscious and give them an awareness of the type of science and knowledge they don’t get taught at school. This transmedia  project and its participation  will engage  the teenagers in serious issues, the intent is that they think about important social and political topics that they might not normally engage  in,  by using the context of the ARG game. The intention is to do this in a fun and entertaining manner.

I need to create a story which will unfold  over a timeline….here is how i am going to roll out my trans media property

Players read the newspaper articles about the teenagers.

The teenagers in the trans media narrative disappear, at the same time a face book page, blog and twitter start up online giving clues and information as to what has happened to them.

The face book page is called “Protected by the Karma Police”

Teenagers can become protected in order to help and aid the disappeared kids in their mission to open up a stargate and release the energy of the new age for the benefit of their generation and to help improve the world and help to make it a better place.

Players print out and post around town the words “Protected by the Karma Police”, they take photos of things/people/animals  etc  they care about beside the words and upload them onto their social network profiles and send links…or do it on the facebook page or blogs  set up for the trans media project.

Players print out bar code  images they can download from the media platforms , they can reuse them as a way of advertising the ARG . Inside the barcodes are links to you tube, they are encouraged to  place them around town, in shopping centres, schools wherever they like actually..

Bar code is also distributed to friends on facebook,  people can upload there faces to go behind the bars, then they share the link and pass it on to friends etc;

Here is the an prototype of a barcode being used…

Considering the age differences of the Teenagers

There is a big difference between the mentality of a 13 year old and a 17 year old.   The challenge here is to create a game which encompasses  this. I have come up with some solutions to this.  The conspiracy theory part of the game will be intriguing for the older teenagers. i can create the  trans media  story arch around science, time travel, and folklore, that makes it educational and incorporate into it some of the more modern conspiracy theories that will make them take an interest to find out more  about things like world politics. I can interweave into the various media platforms information gathered by teenagers themselves and their thoughts about the world they are growing into.This will lead them on to the ‘Make the Change Blog’ where they can contribute their own materials via uploaded images , songs, videos or otherwise anything they like.  The intention is to encourage them to contribute their  creativity to the blog in order that they can gain entry into the final event for the website launch.

This is easy enough done by adding posts and links from “players” who already have their own things already online.  I can guide them through the plot, using binary and hex coded puzzles and information for them to discover via Google Earth. Postings on twitter, he blog, the facebook community page, on you tube comments on the channel will allow them to uncover the transmedia narrative in a very organic way.

Younger teenagers

For the younger teenagers, they can follow the trans media narrative easily enough on twitter, the blog, the facebook page and you tube. But i will put into these media platforms simpler more visual puzzles via links to other videos on you tube. I will focus more on clues they can find from uploaded media such as cartoons, manga, online games and comic skits. This will be good because it will introduce them to the world of good quality manga suitable for both girls and boys. i can build these around the trans media narrative in a way that enhances it. The emphasis here is on encouraging the them to take more of an interest in becoming more environmentally conscious by making changes in their own lives.  This will lead them on to the ‘Make the Change Blog’ where they can contribute their own materials via uploaded images , songs, videos or otherwise anything they like.  The intention is to encourage them to contribute their  creativity to the blog in order that they can gain entry into the final event for the website launch.

player  involvement

i will use puzzles to be deciphered using binary and hex code. which when cracked will take the players deeper down the rabbit hole and into the story.

I have also found a Phonetic alphabet on the same site which is another thing i may use for sending coded messages

I will create links and ask them questions which they cam only find out the answer to by checking out the links, the answers to the questions will lead them further into the trans media narrative.

The teenagers will be encouraged to  create their own interpretations of the story, and create their own media content.

I will create a stargate puzzle that links in cropcircles to enhance the trans media narrative further.

I will use the function of Google Earth for  the players to  get involved by checking on co ordinates and to reveal further interesting information regarding strange arial phenonema around the planet.

MY aim is to immerse the players by engaging them in various ways  By that i mean using visuals….through video and images, music, exercising their brains and curiosity,

By surprising them with interesting content they can engage in, for example by using Google Earth, Binary code generators and translators and cracking puzzles.

To introduce them to other types of good quality media suitable for this age group. and of course at the end to reward them with an exciting event which has made the whole journey worthwhile.

below is a synopsis of a childrens story i will embed into the storyline, it’s a funny story and teenagers of all ages will enjoy it i feel. It will have a simple enough code embedded into it using only coloured letter which will reveal a location and a time.  When the teenagers have cracked it they then have the launch to the Digital Youth Website. live events.

a quick synopsis of the storyline

“An unknown alien species is coming to Earth. Sure they won’t be here for a while, but they were kind enough to send a message letting us know when they will arrive and what to expect when they do. It is a good thing they are not hostile – no, they just want to visit our gravel pits and view the sites – oh, and maybe occupy a continent or two. No problem though, because they are exactly like us – except for all the ways in which they are different!”

The live event and website Launch

The live events shall consist of a day time /evening event set in the countryside, Some of these locations shall be in the countryside and 2 of them will be inner city locations. It will be an experimental day of fun and activities.  For the locations in the country side i will create mini festival type events with camping available for those who would like to travel the distance to get there. outside with open fires where the kids can listen to live acoustic music and be encouraged to participate themselves in different types of creative workshops which will be held.. Drums and instruments shall be available for them to join in.  Each out building / tent or area shall contain different workshop spaces, where the children can experiment with paint, create their own home made instruments.  Where the acoustics is good in one of the buildings there shall be an old broken piano where the strings are exposed like a harp and they can create again their improvised music. Areas will be made available for the teenagers where they can play ninetendos and other similar type games. Light laser shows in the dark and all sorts of interesting things to create a stimulating environment.



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