2.3 My Storybible research history and facts

Media Immersion research

I am researching the 2012 conspriracy as a platform for my narrative and windows into my media immersion.

I have discovered that in the past few years a lot of the crop circles contain ancient alchemical symbolism, if followed through they  have some very interesting messages regarding an alternative history of mankind and our future destiny. A lot of this information is about biological changes which are happening to our DNA.

Other crop circles are designed in a way that they contain binary messages which cryptologists and scientists have deciphered. When translated they contain messages. Here is an example of a crop circle containing binary and it’s message decoded.

The Binary code (from Ball Alien holds in Crop circle) – Made August 16, 2003
(the entire crop circle was 120 meters large, 80 meters wide)

The 8 bit Binary code message says (per 3 different experts- that came to the same conclusion) :

“Beware we’re the bearers of the False presence and broken promises…
Much pain but there is still time
Believe there is still good out there
We oppose deceit
..and the conduit is closing”

Sound frequencies measured within crop circles

In recent years the design of crop circles has become much more elaborate, and it also has been observed that the frequencies in background resonance in and around a newly created crop circle has increased dramatically. It has been postulated that the frequency of the background resonance bears a direct relationship with the sophistication of the design – that is to say, the more sophisticated the design, the more information has to be conveyed in these resonating tubes of light. Readings in background frequency abruptly changes on crossing the perimeter of a crop formation. For example, the readings outside the Silbury ‘Koch fractal’ were around the mid-hundred MHz range and inside the formation the readings shot up from 260 MHz to 320 MHz from the perimeter to the centre. Those readings were taken by Paul Vigay in 1997. “When crop circles made a quantum leap in design complexity two years later, readings jumped to 540 MHz (compared to a general background range of around 150 MHz); in the ‘Nine Crescents’ at Hakpen, Vigay detected a whopping 650 MHz. (1)

moving on further with the whole binary business, i discovered that supposedly our DNA is being reconstructed as a result of exposure to specific sound frequencies.

summary of information sourced at    http://2012changesarenow.blogspot.com/2009/11/russian-dna-discoveries-mind-blowing.html

Russian scientists have discovered that our DNA can be altered as a reaction to sound frequencies.

“The Russian biophysicist and molecular biologist Pjotr Garjajev and his colleagues also explored the vibrational behavior of DNA. In brief the bottom line was: “Living chromosomes function just like a holographic computer using endogenous DNA laser radiation.” This means that they managed, for example, to modulate certain frequency patterns (sound) onto a laser-like ray which influenced DNA frequency and thus the genetic information itself.

Since the basic structure of DNA-alkaline pairs and of language (as explained earlier) is of the same structure, no DNA decoding is necessary. One can simply use words and sentences of the human language! This, too, was experimentally proven!”

Blood tests taken from individuals known to be spiritual in nature have shown that the strands of their DNA are actually increasing.

Report..Teens using digital drugs to get high

Kids around the country are getting high on the internet, thanks to MP3s that induce a state of ecstasy. And it could be a gateway drug leading teens to real-world narcotics.

Stargates In Iraq


It has been theorized by many credible sources that there are Stargates buried in the sands of Iraq. According to popular beliefs, Iraq was once “The Garden of Eden”. Iraq also marks the home of the ancient Sumerians who held strong extraterrestrial beliefs relating to interdimensional travel and may indeed hold the key to human creation. Many great names have came forward and proclaimed that the US Government not only knows about these Stargates, but are in pursuit to acquire them. Dan Burisch, an area 51 (S4) worker, claims that a stargate in Iraq actually does exist, and confirms the accusations that the Iraq war is a cover for the “fight for the stargate”.

while i was doing research i came across an article about the intense international military presence in The Guf of Aden in Yemen.   The reasons for this according to the mainstream media is because of pirates and the flow of oil transportation in this area. I discovered a conspiracy relating to this involving an actual stargate allegedly in the water . I would like to use this information somehow within my trans media narrative.

Zecharia Sitchin

Zecharia Sitchin, author of “The 12th Planet” has been studying ancient Sumerian text for many years and claims to have an accurate interpretation of how the Sumerians believed humanity came to exist on planet Earth. According to Sitchin’s studies, a superior race of beings once inhabited this world. Travelers from other worlds arrived eons ago and planted the seed that would later blossom into a remarkable race.


The Sumerian Stargates

Clipped from http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread14655/pg5

The Annunaki (The Gods From The Sky) placed a Stargate on our planet for instantaneous transportation of humans to communicate peacefully with other worlds. The Annunaki hoping that the Earthlings intentions were pure and goodhearted left this in control of the civil heads of government in Uruk, the city also possessed airstrips for the landing of levitation craft for Alien craft. The mass amount of western interest in this area including Egypt have led to many crazy conspiracy theories, but if you disregard all the fallacies in those theories, you come out with the truth.

Dan Burisch

Dan Burisch has made a huge splash in the UFO community over the last past year or so. According to sources I have read, Dan worked in the S4 underground base as a microbiologist. He can offer notarized documents and other forms of proof to back up his story. If your looking for credentials, google his name. Dan has some truly amazing stories including direct contact with extraterrestrials, Mind Melds with aliens, The Ganesh Particle, and much more. According to Dan, the 2012 theory is indeed true, and the US Government is in a dire struggle to acquire the Sumerian Stargates before the great change happens.

911 Attacks

Popular theory suggests that the 911 attacks on the World Trade Towers were orchestrated by the US Government and the Bush administration for the prime purpose of acquiring the Sumerian Stargates. As the saga goes, a great attack on America is more than enough reason to start pouring troops into the Eastern World, than move directly into Baghdad. Baghdad is believed to be the prime realty location where these Stargates lie.

Bush Father and Son

If anyone would have access to this knowledge, The former Head of the CIA would. It may be mere coincidence that George Bush Senior was head of the CIA, and in 1991 set his targets on Iraq. One decade later, the next George Bush is in office and a HUGE catastrophe happens which results in US Troops returning to Iraq.

The Current War In Iraq

I have asked many credible and  intelligent people, what is the real purpose for the war in Iraq? Iraq does have oil, but not as much as many neighboring countries, and if we were after oil, the results certainly did not help the American Gas Price. Iraq has never attacked America, and never showed any violence towards our people, and no weapons of mass destruction have been found that could harm America in any way. The Bush administration claims that the ousting of Saddam Hussein was a major goal because he was a tyrant that caused the Iraqi population much unneeded pain and death (which I can not argue with), but if that was the prime reason for the Iraqi invasion, why are we still there pumping more troops in as the years pass?  It has already come to a point where we lost more Americans seeking revenge than we lost due to the 911 attacks.

Time travel

I already have decided that i want to use a science fiction genre, for this research i looked at various scientific experiments and time travel took  my interests. I wondered how far off we as a species were from discovering and unlocking the key to time travel

Planet X Location on Google Earth Sky: 5h 53m 27s,-6 10′ 58.

In the exact coordinates mentioned above, Planet X/Nibiru was spotted in 2007 by the South Pole Telescope (which was actually built for that purpose). Take a look today there on Google Earth Sky and all you’ll see is a black cropped out rectangle. You can verify this yourself.

Supposedly the primary objective of the South Pole telescope is to find clusters of galaxies and research dark energy, hwever, there have been reports of secretive behavior and potentially leaked photos of Nibiru originating from the installation.



this is kind of important for my transmedia project, mainly  because the project is aimed at teenagers, so we are looking at a group of minors here and the aim is not to create content that may scare them or freak them out.

My research in this department i discovered that “A US National Science Foundation poll in 2001 found that 30 per cent of people believe that some of the many UFOs “sighted” every year come from alien civilisations.

Sixty one per cent of British teenagers believe that aliens visit earth.”

do teenagers believe in aliens?
I decided to do some primary research using teenagers aged 14 to 18yrs.
I put a series of questions to 15 teenagers 7 girls and 8 boys. Below is the questions which i asked them.
Do you believe in aliens?
12 children answered yes  8 boys and 4 girls
Do you think that aliens have visited earth?
12 children answered yes
If you believe in aliens, how do you think they arrived here?
9 children answered in  spaceships the other 3 thought that they may already be here but that we just didnt know yet.
If  you believe in aliens, do you think they would be friendly or hostile?
7 children answered they would be friendly 2 girls and 5 boys
All 12 children who believed in aliens felt that they would not reveal themselves publicly because of a general mass fear factor amongst the majority of  humans on the planets. They felt that the outcome would be too dangerous and unpredictlable and that aliens were most likely aware of this factor.

Do you believe in time travel?
10 children answered yes 7 boys and 3 girls
Do you think it is possible to time travel now?
5 children said yes 4 boys and 1 girl. All these children did not know how but that they felt world scientists were working on it.
Do you think the possibility of time travel will happen in the future?
All children said yes to this question. but that it would not be within the next 100 years.
Do you own a smart phone?
2 of the girls said yes out of the 15 in the survey
It is also important for me to get an idea as to how many teenagers actually contain smart phones. This i need to know so that my transmedia project stays within the limitations of technology that the bulk of teenagers can get hold of.
My reasons for asking the teenagers about what kind of phone they had was important because i was thinking about the possibility of using QR Codes. You need a smart phone to be able to use them and as my research showed only 2 out of the 15 kids had a smart phone. In conclusion i decided not to use them as part of my trans media project because of their limited accsessability to this type of technology.
i discovered that;
Three-quarters of US teens ages 12-17 have cell phones, according to Pew Internet. Twenty-seven percent of teens use a cell phone to go online
i think therefore any use of phones withn this trans smedia project should be limited to texting if at all. It would be better to use social media platforms and live events.
Other things i researched online were to find out if there was a theory that time travel may in fact be possible this took me into science research on string theory, black holes,rotating space and the laws of physics………..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oRWwI61so5Q
The  phildelphia experiment which was military experiments on teleportation….http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ChjyCR8V2Bg&feature=related
research development
as my transmedia narrative progressed i found myself researching little things which would make the story work. For this i looked into the effects of exposure to radiation. so that i could include these symptons within the narrative

1) Hair

The losing of hair quickly and in clumps occurs with radiation exposure at 200 rems or higher.

(2) Brain

Since brain cells do not reproduce, they won’t be damaged directly unless the exposure is 5,000 rems or greater. Like the heart, radiation kills nerve cells and small blood vessels, and can cause seizures and immediate death.

(3) Thyroid

The certain body parts are more specifically affected by exposure to different types of radiation sources. The thyroid gland is susceptible to radioactive iodine. In sufficient amounts, radioactive iodine can destroy all or part of the thyroid. By taking potassium iodide, one can reduce the effects of exposure.

(4) Blood System

When a person is exposed to around 100 rems, the blood’s lymphocyte cell count will be reduced, leaving the victim more susceptible to infection. This is often refered to as mild radiation sickness. Early symptoms of radiation sickness mimic those of flu and may go unnoticed unless a blood count is done.According to data from Hiroshima and Nagaski, show that symptoms may persist for up to 10 years and may also have an increased long-term risk for leukemia and lymphoma.

(5) Heart

Intense exposure to radioactive material at 1,000 to 5,000 rems would do immediate damage to small blood vessels and probably cause heart failure and death directly.

(6) Gastrointestinal Tract

Radiation damage to the intestinal tract lining will cause nausea, bloody vomiting and diarrhea. This is occurs when the victim’s exposure is 200 rems or more. The radiation will begin to destroy the cells in the body that divide rapidly. These including blood, GI tract, reproductive and hair cells, and harms their DNA and RNA of surviving cells.

(7) Reproductive Tract

Because reproductive tract cells divide rapidly, these areas of the body can be damaged at rem levels as low as 200. Long-term, some radiation sickness victims will become sterile.

Character background

I was looking for a background as to where the teenagers in my story came from and who they were.  While watching the documentary one night about a whale called Luna i went online to investigate


and onto you tube


I loved the story and will  build it into my trans media narrative. I have enough information about the type of small town it is and the types of things that they do where they live.


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